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Hello world!

I thought I would start a blog to consolidate all my works and architectural interests. I will also be using this as a place to share any resources I encounter including assets, interviews, tech information and pipeline work flows and whatever cg related topics that I stumble on. I hope you can share with me your criticism and ideas as we go along the way!


Architectural Visuals: Coburg

3D Studio Max & Vray 

2009 – 2010

Client – Coburg

These 4 visualisations were produced to replicate a previous render the client was given. I had to match them and change certain components and add new camera angles such as the reverse kitchen angle and the wide shot of the living room. 

Architectural Visuals: Crace

3D Studio Max & Vray


 Client – Crace

These visualisations were apart of 60 still images I had to produce within 2 weeks. It was a tight schedule but managed to create a various templates that all the houses could slot straight into. These were the first 3D Stills I got to create commercially.