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3D Models – Entry Tables

I am working hard on creating some models which are all royalty/copyright free, available for download and use in your Architectural Renderings. The concept behind this is to have a furniture pack which is able to be scattered in buildings for exterior renderings leaving you to the creative work of vegetation, lighting, post production. These will be high quality looking models from a distance, have a small footprint on RAM, it will utilize forest-pro so it can be scattered around and change materials randomly so that models that appear twice in different apartments will have different materials such as timber, painted white, different types of paintings, kitchens, living room layouts etc all based on splines. Light pendants will stick to ceilings automatically, furniture to the floor, and paintings to the walls. I will also be providing these models as separate items in case you want them specifically for individual situations.

The first set I have released to the public are Entry Tables. You can view the technical specifications below the renders.

Technical Specifications


  • HQLP – High Quality Low Poly.

  • Architecture Kit-Bash Model.


  • Optimized for large interior/exterior scenes. Models & Textures are to be viewed from mid to far distance (closest distance as per render).

  • Real world units and has accurate measurements so that 3D people can be placed on chairs and relative items to human heights and sizes.

  • Geometry subdivisions where needed to allow for smooth edges without additional geometry where not required.

  • Textures are optimized per geometry size – larger objects with higher resolution smaller objects with lower resolution maximizing viewport stability and ram usage when rendering large scenes.

  • All textures are tiled and seamless.

  • UV’s unwrapped or procedural where required to ensure correct direction and repeating for textures.

  • Materials are all in one Multi-Sub Object and labeled so the user can easily distinguish each item. Diffuse textures are re-used in some most cases for Glossiness & Bumps with a color correction / output node for adjusting intensity or value – this allows for quick editing by the user and less textures to load into memory. Designed to emulate a PBR setup however are not game-ready materials.

File Format:

  • Vray & Corona ready, these are designed specifically for both render engines and look identical in both. Available for 3dsmax 2016+

  • Blender 2.8, converted and adjusted materials to replicate a similar appearance to the original model. Embedded textures.

  • FBX & OBJ available with textures and materials. Materials will not appear the same as Vray/Corona as they are converted to Standard Materials. FBX Embedded textures.

  • System Units: Centimetres

  • No additional plugins required other than the render engines themselves.

Additional Information:

  • Studio & lighting not included.

These models are available here: