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3D Models – Dining Tables

Entry Tables available for 3dsmax, Blender, FBX, OBJ for your architectural design. Ensure the best quality products for your residential, commercial and development projects.

Designed for Vray & Corona. There is also an option for Blender Cycles. These models are designed to be High Quality while being Low Poly best situated for Archviz Kit-bashing. You can download the pack or individual items in the link below.


Detailed Specifications:


– Optimized for large interior/exterior scenes. Models & Textures are to be viewed from mid to far distance (closest distance as per render).

– Real world units and has accurate measurements so that 3D people can be placed on chairs and relative items to human heights and sizes.

– Geometry subdivisions where needed to allow for smooth edges without additional geometry where not required.

– Textures are optimized per geometry size – larger objects with higher resolution smaller objects with lower resolution maximizing viewport stability and ram usage when rendering large scenes.

– All textures are tiled and seamless.

– UV’s unwrapped or procedural where required to ensure correct direction and repeating for textures.

– Materials are all in one Multi-Sub Object and labeled so the user can easily distinguish each item. Diffuse textures are re-used in some most cases for Glossiness & Bumps with a color correction / output node for adjusting intensity or value – this allows for quick editing by the user and less textures to load into memory. Designed to emulate a PBR setup however are not game-ready materials.

File Format

– Vray & Corona ready, these are designed specifically for both render engines and look identical in both. Available for 3dsmax 2016+

– Blender 2.8, converted and adjusted materials to replicate a similar appearance to the original model. Embedded textures.

– FBX & OBJ available with textures and materials. Materials will not appear the same as Vray/Corona as they are converted to Standard Materials. FBX Embedded textures.

– System Units: Centimetres

– No additional plugins required other than the render engines themselves.


Additional Information

– Studio & lighting not included.