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Vanlife – RV Conversion

The Back Story

Me and my partner Kate left Australia in 2017 and moved to Europe. Once we arrived we decided we wanted to explore as many countries as possible, as well as be able to work freelance on the go. So we decided the best way to do this was to buy a Recreational Vehicle. It came with all the necessities but it definitely needed a make over. Kate and I worked on a design and then we spent 4 months renovating it with her family who are skilled craftsmen and women.

The Original Van

The original van came equipped with 2x 60watt solar panels, 100AH battery, a 40L fresh water tank, a 120L grey water system, a non functional sink in the kitchen, fridge, bathroom with sink and chemical toilet (unused thankfully).

The Renders (Design Phase)

We decided we wanted a white/light blue color scheme which would allow us to accent using other bright or pastel colors. We also wanted to remove the base paint colors (like a hatched-grey material) and replace this with a clean white slightly reflective paint, which will also help pop the timber and steel features of the interior.

The Renovation

We sourced as many materials as possible to match the design – the only area which didn’t end up getting much attention was the bathroom as we decided we would not need the shower yet as we would be starting the trip in summer and we have an outdoor shower that we could use in the mean time.

We also upgraded the power for the van to 220AH gel batteries, a battery monitor, a built in generator that connects the alternator to the leisure batteries for cloudy days/weeks, and a 600watt AC Inverter for the electronics (no do not plug a microwave into this unit!).

We installed a table that can be converted to a bed, removed the walls and floors for insulation and a timber laminate floor, built new shelves for the kitchen/living area and repainted the entire interior. We also built a fold up table that can be used for dining, a work area for the laptop or a drying rack for the dishes – as its built on the kitchen wall and the passenger chair can rotate around to use it as well. Kate hand-crafted the fruit net, we cut a magnet strip for knives, a spice rack above the stove and she turned one of her paintings into a fold out table that can be used for coffee while lying in bed.

If you would like to see some of our adventures of our trip you can check it out on @boonie.vanlife on instagram.

The Process

Since there was quite a lot of work done I think it may be easier to show you a few videos than all the photos taken during the project. You can view these below.